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After having Bryan, our fourth child, we needed to save some time in the mornings so Mark offered to help by showering our kids after he was finished taking his shower. I thought this was a great idea because it would serve two purposes, the obvious one being saving time and it would also help our kids get used to having water streaming over their little faces from the shower head which would help them get ready for one of the first steps in learning how to swim. So with the water still running from Mark’s shower he would say, “I’m ready for the first kid.” I would pass a baby into him and when he was finished I would be waiting with a dry towel outside of the shower, wrap that baby up and send the next one in to get washed.

Corey & Bryan

This went on for years until they could all shower on their own. Before Mark stopped he taught Bryan two shower songs, “Red Roses For a Blue Lady” and “My Girl.” With Bryan’s sweet two-year-old voice he would sing those songs to us. He was (and is) so adorable.

Today Mark is still helping with showers. He has been helping me in the shower ever since last September when I fell and cracked my head open and needed stitches. Mark takes his shower first as I sit waiting in my wheelchair with a towel over me. When Mark is finished taking his shower he dries off, picks me up and holds me close as we dance toward the shower door where he has to help me lift my leg up and into the shower. He doesn’t sing to me like he did to Bryan but we do have beautiful music playing.

Mark always wanted to shower with me but I’m not so sure this is what he had in mind.

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