A Surprise Package


We recently received a package with a very beautiful note enclosed but the sender did not reveal their name. Inside the package was a black headrest which I can use on my wheelchair or my Chairiot. This headrest will work great when my neck muscles become weaker and I’m no longer able to support my head.


Mark installed my new headrest before taking our two-mile walk the other day and my head was well supported over the uneven sidewalks. This headrest will work great on the trails in my Chairiot. I’m not sure who sent this useful gift but I am grateful they did. Thank you.

6 thoughts on “A Surprise Package

  1. Can’t believe how that how we all feel statement captures how I and I’m sure everyone you know feel . Think of you guys every day bless you all

  2. Your BLOG is inspiring! How wonderful that you are willing to share “everything!!”
    You and Mark and your family are in our hearts each day, as you continue on this ‘adventure’ of life…..Much love, hugs, and prayers are sent your way.

  3. Your strength. Is amazing. Your love for family friends and life is inspiring to me. I know we lost touch for so many years. Our lives changed. But by the grace of God we are here. Our purpose not defined yet, but I can assure you, you are so positive. With your posts trying to make sure every one thinks how great you feel. Worring about others, thinking what needs they have. I love you Rosemary. I continue to pray for you. God bless you and keep. Giving you strength!
    Your friend, Suzi Penzien Kary RP74……

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