I’ve Slowed Down


I would often say to myself “Rosemary, slow down and stop being so crazy busy.” I felt I needed to pack so much into my day almost as if my life would end tomorrow.  I remember wishing I would slow down enough to read more books, to watch the hundreds of the home videos we have never watched and to look at the thousands of pictures we’ve taken over the years. I wanted it all, to make every moment count by packing so much in but I also wanted solitude to do the quiet things I loved to do.

My solitude days came earlier than I expected so in the last six months I’ve had plenty of time to watch family videos and look at pictures. I have really enjoyed this quiet and reflective time I’ve been gifted.

My family has slowed down as well. For the past year and a half most nights our kids come over to visit as if they have nothing better to do but spend time with us. Last week during our late night candlelit family dinner welcoming Corey home I looked around our table thinking almost everyone had to work in the morning but no one wanted the night to end. My mind drifted back when our kids were teenagers and how they used to fight at the dinner table thinking one day I hoped our family would enjoy each other at the dinner table.

I realize that day has come and I’m happy.

6 thoughts on “I’ve Slowed Down

  1. The bittersweet part of ALS….. you have the opportunity as a family to reflect, enjoy, and love like crazy. As strange as this may sound, you and your family are fortunate to have that what so many families hope to achieve and create. You have been blessed. I pray that you will always know and feel that!

    It makes me think of the bittersweet of Jesus on the cross.
    His pain His suffering but oh how wonderful the outcome!

  2. Rosemary. You are the luckiest women in the world right now. Love your family like crazy. I am so happy to know you and wish you the best ever

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