This Christmas

Cole, Peyton and Harrison

Our gang is all home to celebrate Christmas and each other. I love seeing our three grandsons interact with one another. While having dinner to celebrate Chad’s 35th birthday on Monday, Cole, Peyton and Harrison were sitting next to each other enjoying the food that Grandpa and Chad prepared for us. Since I wasn’t eating I had plenty of time to watch the three boys. I saw Cole discreetly pass food under the table to Peyton and Peyton quickly popped whatever the food was in his mouth.* I heard pleasure in Harrison’s sweet-sounding voice as his mama fed him broccoli with her fingers. Our dinner was so peaceful and lovely I didn’t want it to end. And last night and the night before Cole, Corey, Peyton and I all camped out in the living room for a slumber party in front of the Christmas tree.

I’m not going to pretend that life is normal around our house this year but we’re all doing our best to make it extra special and make it last. Kelly, Chris, Corey, Bryan and Ashley have done a great job of planning, shopping, creating and wrapping in an effort to make this the best Christmas ever. Tonight we are hosting our annual Lambert/Neinas Christmas Eve Party which we all look forward to each year.

I pray that this Christmas is very peaceful and joyful for all of you and your families and friends and know that our family has been abundantly blessed by all of you.

*I asked Cole about this the next day and he said he doesn’t really like cherry tomatoes or cucumbers so he gives them to Peyton who will eat anything. He asked me not to tell his dad.

9 thoughts on “This Christmas

  1. Merry Christmas Mark and Rosemary and your beautiful family! You’re never far from our thoughts!
    Love, Denise and the whole Ryan Clan

  2. Lovely, Rosemary! What fun! Tell Cole that none of us will ever divulge his secret! Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year to you and yours!

  3. Through your words you have made me a better person. The very merriest of Christmas to you and your family. Jackie Hansen

  4. Thanks for sharing your blessings of seeing the quiet but most important moments in life. Such a reminder to me of what I might be missing. I can see you are well on your way of enjoying the merriest of Christmases.

  5. Merry Christmas Rosemary and Mark and family. Your sweet family is constantly in our thoughts and prayers May God continue to let you know he is holding your hand through this time in your life and may you feel the love and peace he offers you daily.

  6. In spite of your difficulties you are so blessed with loving family and many, many friends that are keeping you in their prayers. Merry Christmas!

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