ALS – My Mind and My Will


My body might not work like it once did but my mind is still the same. My long-term memory actually may be a little sharper because I have more quiet time to think. Having a sound mind and a lot of time to think can work against me sometimes, so I try to fill my time with uplifting people, movies and books. I try to fill my thoughts with prayer, stories for my blog and not feeling sorry for myself. One of the most intriguing things about my mind is that I’ve seen so many more God moments than ever before. These amazing moments may be small, everyday things I notice or they may be huge like watching my family rebound after my diagnoses and really start living again. One of my biggest joys in life is watching our kids soar through life and if they fall along the way watching them get back up and fly again. That is what I call a God moment. My will and determination are strong most of the time but once in awhile I crash and burn. Lucky for me I’m not down for long, probably because I’m able to see more beauty around me than sadness. The thing that helps the most is being loved.

13 thoughts on “ALS – My Mind and My Will

  1. Your courage and will to fight ALS with everything you have and everyway you can.
    What a story for your grandchildren YOU ARE THE WINNER!!!! with all the lives you have touched so far and all in the future!

  2. We appreciate your willingness to share your journey. Every posting is very special. Sending our love and prayers, Phyllis & Ted

  3. It always seems you are speaking directly to me…something I need to hear! Thank you Rosemary-loved you are!!

  4. You are so loved by so many Rosemary! What a blessing you and your story are to so many too! It’s nice to know you are human also and have crash and burn days as well!!
    You are in our daily thoughts and prayers.

  5. Here’s to all the love you can hold; many, many God Moments; and always being able to be the Rosemary we know and love!

  6. So glad you you are continuing to write. Never doubt that you are loved Rosemary. God’s Blessings for you always my friend.

  7. Beautiful picture. I would like to think that if I were in your shoes I would be as brave and truthful as you but I really don’t know. You are loved by so many people. I wish for you only beautiful things!

  8. Rosemary, I look forward to you words every single day. I can’t wait to open the page and read how you are doing today. I love praying for you and your amazing family. Never apologize for how your feeling or communitcating. I love “hearing” you.

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