ALS – Emotionality


Yawning, laughing and crying are all accelerated with ALS.

The first time I noticed I was yawning more than usual was at church. My yawning seemed so pronounced with wide, open mouth yawns and they just kept coming. I was a little embarrassed. Later, at my first appointment at U of M, we found out it was a symptom of ALS along with laughing and crying. I can always tell when I’m ready for my yawning pill (Nuedexta) because I start yawning uncontrollably. Yawning is exhausting and sometimes I’m afraid I’m going to dislocate my jaw because my mouth opens so wide.

Another really annoying thing that happens when I yawn is when I exhale my lungs won’t allow me to exhale all at once and it lingers for awhile causing me to make funny sounds until my yawn is complete. These yawns can be both embarrassing and scary because I can’t inhale until I’ve completely exhaled and sometimes the exhale seems to last forever. If I chew gum or suck on a cough drop my yawning stops which is a welcomed relief.

Laughing at the wrong time can be very embarrassing also. Once again while sitting in church I’ve started to giggle and couldn’t make myself stop. I’m sure the people sitting around me thought I was rude but I couldn’t stop. My crying is bothersome because it makes everyone around me feel sad, but sometimes I’m just really sad.

5 thoughts on “ALS – Emotionality

  1. Thanks for this description of how this all feels from the inside out. The yawning piece is new to me (the part about needing to get all the air out before you can inhale).

  2. Getting thoses giggles that just won’t stop are “the best”! They are usually over something so stupid but you just can’t stop. Keep on giggling my friend!

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