Happy 55th Birthday Vikke


My sister Vikke is tough as nails and as compassionate as Mother Teresa. She will fight for you if she believes in your cause and she sticks up for the weak and cares for the elderly. I have so many noteworthy stories to share today about Vikke but I will keep it to one. It’s about her determination and stamina.

When Vikke was studying for her real estate license we spent quite a bit of time together. We laughed a lot while studying but Vikke was nervous that she wouldn’t be able to pass the difficult test. Vikke passed the test because of her hard work and determination to never give up. It didn’t take long before Vikke became a successful realtor. She loved her new career and was learning a lot but all of a sudden life happened. Vikke was faced with making a very important decision whether to stay in a career she loved and was getting very good at or step up and take care of her grandchildren that she absolutely adored but were a lot work because they were so young. We all know the path Vikke chose and the sacrafices that both Vikke and Bob have made for their grandchildren but we also know the impact she has made on their young lives.


Happy birthday Vikke. I’m so proud of you.

5 thoughts on “Happy 55th Birthday Vikke

  1. Vikke…Happy Birthday! I see almost daily the love and understanding you have with your grand kiddos! You have taken on a huge but very rewarding job and you do it so well. Thanks Rosemary! You both are in my prayers!

  2. Rosemary, Each person in your family, be it children or siblings, are a blessing! And that includes you and Mark. I could comment each day. I am so blessed by whatever you write. We pray and thank God for you everyday. And a happy birthday to Vikke.

  3. Thanks for this, Rosemary! I know Vikke and want to wish her a Happy, Happy Birthday! You are as giving as Rosemary says! Celebrate yourself today!

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