This Day


Mark has said to me on occasion when we were worried or having a bad day, “As bad as this day may seem someday we will wish we had this day back.”

Yesterday I could move my legs to take a step and today I cannot.

12 thoughts on “This Day

  1. Thank you for sharing “everything” about your journey. We appreciate your honesty. Thanks for sharing Mark with us, and each one of your family who has special “gifts” in caring for you! Love & hugs & prayers, Ted & Phyllis

  2. In the depths of winter, we can still dream of spring!! Thank you for sharing your indomitable spirit with us!! You are a pearl of great price.

  3. So often, I am surprised by the understanding and grace you show us every day with the words you write. Then I remember YOU, the one who always leaves me speechless, and ask myself why I am surprised. You have always lived just that way. I love you Rosemary.
    I am also crazy in love with your entire, sweet family and the way they show love to you every single day. Love is a verb!

  4. this is a time when everyone is SAD for you
    you have certainly confirmed that prayers are going up for you and God is hearing each one through your courage and inner beauty

  5. It breaks my heart to hear that. Know that I love you dearly and pray for you and your family daily. You are God’s blessing to us all.

  6. I’m so sorry you are going through this. Gods plan for us doesn’t always make sense to us, but I know He does have a plan and He is with you always. Keep doing everything you can. Prayers.

  7. Damn it !!!! And just last night I had a dream about you and you were talking to me. It’s just not right !!!! Xoxo Wes & Deb.

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