A Lifetime Exchange


Twenty years ago our family welcomed into our home a beautiful fifteen-year-old exchange student from Brazil named Thais. Her parents, Antonio and Inês, trusted us to take care of their daughter for a year. A few months later they invited Chad, age sixteen, to live with them in Brazil for seven mouths. We learned so much from Thais’ parents because in the beginning Thais was very homesick and wanted to go home, but her parents were very patient and lovingly talked her through it. From that experience Mark and I learned that homesickness wasn’t terminal and if we could be patient and brave like Thais’ family we might be able to see the beauty of the exchange unfold. This past weekend Thais, her two little boys Joau and Pedro and her parents came to visit. This was the first time we met two-year-old Pedro and the first time they met Harrison. Before they left I asked to hold Inês’ hand. Even though Inês and I don’t speak the same language, words were not necessary because we shared a son and a daughter. We saw the true beauty of the exchange unfold.



4 thoughts on “A Lifetime Exchange

  1. Rosemary, you just keep finding more and more ways to express love in its purest form. Thank you, dear friend. Can’t wait to see you again!

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