ALS – My Belly Muscles


Lately I’ve had trouble emptying my bladder and I’ve been worried about it even though it wasn’t causing me discomfort. (I’m telling you about my peeing problem because the solution is so common-sense and easy that it may help you someday). Last Sunday our friends Joe and Sheila were visiting. Joe is a well-respected urologist in Muskegon so I thought I would ask him about my bladder problem. Joe explained that if we don’t empty our bladder each time we urinate, the leftover urine may harbor bacteria that could eventually lead to a urinary tract infection or having to get a catheter. He explained that as the muscles in my stomach get weaker it will get more difficult to push the urine out so he suggested that we try a simple procedure to see if it works. He told Mark to put a couple fingers on my lower belly and as soon as I start to urinate apply some pressure on my bladder until it is empty. This simple procedure worked great. Thank you, Dr. Salisz. Hopefully I will stay infection free for awhile.

ALS doesn’t discriminate which muscles it attacks. Eventually it gets to all of them.

6 thoughts on “ALS – My Belly Muscles

  1. Thank you Rosemary for opening our eyes to the real ALS. We can read what it is but YOU are taking the time to tell us just exactly how it is. Continued prayers for you and Mark.
    You both are heroes to so many people with your special touch on life! GOD BLESS!!!!

  2. You just keep going Rosemary! I have to cath now due to neurogenic bladder myself, so I am so glad people talk about these issues. I first felt embarrassed, but hello, not my fault, right! Keep it up, you have so many friends behind you and loving you.

  3. Rosemary-You are my hero, again today! I’m so grateful you are blogging again. I get so much inspiration for your posts. In addition, I’m reminded to say some positive, comforting prayers on your behalf. I hope today was a good day for you guys.

  4. Thanks for the very useful information. Urinary tract infections are a serious matter. My grandmother suffered with them and at one point, we thought she had dementia only to discover it was a UTI. Who’d have thunk it would effect a person that way.

    Any postmenopausal woman, especially one who has had several pregnancies, can benefit from this. I had a ten pound baby and I could tell some stories, but I’m not yet as brave as you, Rosemary.

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