Mark’s 60th Birthday

Mark turned sixty on Saturday and our kids and some of our friends brought the party to us. Chad was able to come home from Dallas for a long weekend and Corey had been home the weekend before to celebrate Ashley, Harrison and Mark’s birthdays.

Before Mark’s party started our kids all came together in our living room, with Corey tuning in from San Francisco via FaceTime, to present this beautiful video that they made for him.

10 thoughts on “Mark’s 60th Birthday

  1. Happy Birthday Uncle Mark hope u had awsome day!!!!! Love u ,you r awsome,I have awsome memories durning holiday get toghter with u

  2. Great video, of everyone who wanted to contribute to wishing uncle mark a happy birthday. Happy B-day Uncle Mark!

  3. HAPPY. BIRTHDAY MARK. You are loved in so many ways because YOU do the same. Your whole family is awesome! You have blessed all of us. So we asked God’s blessings on you and continue pouring his strength and grace on you. Love, John and Jill

  4. Happy Birthday Mark! No nicer gift could you have received from your kids for your birthday than this video made with so much love! From my family to yours, we are sending our hugs and love!

  5. Mary, you are so right !!! Absolutely wonderful tribute to you Mark, you must be beaming with pride. Nice job kids, you are always making new and wonderful memories.
    Love you all, Wes & De

  6. Heartfelt tribute…beautiful. Happy Birthday Mark. I will be joining you in the wonderful world of 60 next month. :)

  7. How very sweet!! Your kids are amazing,which is no surprise considering their parents!! We hope you had an awesome birthday Mark!!
    On a side note, your children demonstrate daily to you and Rosemary the value of relationships and showing how much they love and care for both of you. What a legacy you and Rosemary have demonstrated to them. How awesome to see this legacy come full circle!!!
    Bobby and Mary

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