23 Hours


Before I tell you about our car ride to Florida I need to explain a couple of things leading up to it. Since January I’ve only ridden in our van three times because of the frigid temperatures in Muskegon so we were not able to test our comfortable riding procedures properly. Plus my neck muscles have declined drastically from January to February which makes it difficult to keep me from falling side to side while reclining in the front passenger seat. With that said maybe you can better understand why we were not better prepared for a 23-hour car ride.

On the night we left for Florida Bryan worked all day but suggested we leave that night before I changed my mind again. Earlier that day Kelly bought us a queen-sized, cushy mattress pad with a thick piece of memory foam thinking it may make our ride more comfortable while laying on the floor. So by 8:00pm we were ready to roll. The middle row of seats were taken out of the van, the van was packed and warmed up and we said our goodbyes. Mark picked me up from my wheelchair with Bryan waiting in the van to assist. That part was flawless until they tried lifting me onto the back row of seats where that comfy mattress pad was placed. The temperature in Muskegon that night was zero degrees and when I get cold my teeth chatter uncontrollably and my legs stiffen so when they tried to lay me on the seats my legs wouldn’t bend and that nice thick piece of memory foam took up too much room. Reluctantly we took the memory foam out of the van and left it at home. So there went my comfy padding for the floor and laying on the back seats wasn’t going to work either. My mind drifted back to what Bryan said to Mark and I that morning about finding a solution to all of our obstacles that we may face and if we can’t we will turn back.

As a temporary solution Mark put the pregnancy pillow on the floor and laid me on it and we set off for Florida. For the next hour Mark rearranged the stuff in the van so we could both lay down. The pregnancy pillow turned out to be the best solution of all and that is how I stayed on the whole trip to Florida. Bryan drove all night while Mark took care of me, repositioning me every two hours, and at daylight Mark drove while Bryan took care of me and slept. We made it to our final destination 23 hours after we left home thanks to my awesome helpers and a very comfy pregnancy pillow.

8 thoughts on “23 Hours

  1. Thank you very much for explaining this whole process in great detail. I have never heard of a “pregnancy pillow”…..not available 50+ years ago…..I appreciate reading all your comments: how you handle “impossible” situations and make them POSSIBLE!
    Thanks for sharing “everything” about your challenges!! Enjoy sunshine, warm weather, and being together!! Love & hugs, & prayers are still coming your way!!

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