Mark and I really enjoyed spending our first week in Florida with Bryan and we were not ready to say goodbye to him on Sunday. We packed a lot in while he was here but the best part was that we got a chance to hang out with some people we love that live in Florida.

The week with Bryan wouldn’t have been possible without the compassionate people at Aerovision, his employer, allowing him to work remotely. It’s wonderful when employers are flexible with their employees.

Thank you, Aerovision.

3 thoughts on “Aerovision

  1. Thanks for reminding us that there IS Compassion in this world!! Wonderful that Bryan could be “released” from his workplace and could do it “at a distance!” Amazing! :-)
    Enjoy sunshine and friends while you’re in Florida!! :-)

  2. I love it

    I see you got into Jimmy’s wine rack.

    He normally leaves that ful when he leaves.

    Wondered why Bryan was working so close with his computer.


  3. There are truly some kind and amazing people and employers in this world. Wish we could be there with all of you, making memories. Love and miss you,
    Wes & Deb

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