Talking Is Exhausting


My speech has gotten so bad that even my family is starting to struggle trying to understand me when I talk. I still love being in a room full of people talking, laughing and having a good time but the minute I try to add to the conversation I wish I hadn’t talked at all. Sometimes I forget my speech is barely understandable and before I have time to stop myself I say something thinking my speech is normal but then all of a sudden the conversation in the room stops and everyone is quiet while they politely try to understand what I just said. Sometimes it takes so long to understand what I said we forget what we were talking about. Thank you for being so patient with me.

4 thoughts on “Talking Is Exhausting

  1. Hi Mark and Rosemary,
    We’re on a two week vacation, but following your blog and thinking of you daily! We’re grateful
    that your voice is heard in your writing!
    love, denise

  2. We truly miss your cheery voice but conserving your energy is so much more important. Lately I have had several dreams where you are talking to me completely normal, it’s my miracle of you. Miss you guys like crazy!!!!!
    Wes & Deb

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