Shame on Me


At three o’clock in the morning I woke Mark up because my heel was hot (potential bed sore). I wanted him to move me but he didn’t understand what I was saying because of my garbled language. I repeated ‘heel’ several times but he thought I said my head, my hair or my hip. Finally I said my foot and that lead us closer to my heel. By the time he guessed my heel we both were pretty frustrated with each other and actually I was mad. In my mind Mark should have guessed my heel first because it usually is my heel but he isn’t a mind reader. After we both settled back into bed I couldn’t help but feel how wrong I was to get mad at him. It seems as though I am critical of Mark when he doesn’t deserve it. The poor guy does absolutely everything for me and the few times he screws up I get frustrated or critical. Shame on me.

7 thoughts on “Shame on Me

  1. Rosemary, having been a caretaker, let me assure you that when a loved one is suffering, what we do to help is out of love and caring. I always resented when people would say my mom or my daughter were “burdens” – no they were never a burden, they were my Blessings – a chance to help them like I know they would have helped me if the situation was reversed. I have no doubt that Mark understands your frustrations, just as I understood the frustrations of my mom and my daughter.

  2. We all need to learn “Patience” and “Perseverance!” You two are amazing examples of how we all need to understand each other….and listen….It’s frustrating to both of you, but keep on “keeping on!” We love you dearly!!

  3. Sorry Rosemary and Mark for all the things that situations bring upon us as humans. It has been awhile since I have done home health but I think there are some kind of cards that help in this. I will text or Facebook Sara if she has any tips. She was praying for bedtime to come tonight and is on that last month of II should have delivered yesterday. So it maybe tomorrow.

  4. Love you both! I once had a little girl in class that could barely speak. I had a binder full with common pictures of things she might need during the day. She pointed to the picture when she needed something.
    This might be a suggestion for you both, however you might not need so many pictures/words. Perhaps a laminated anatomically correct drawing of a woman with labeled parts would do for a start.. Maybe you both could think of a signal (like blinking) to acknowledge when Mark points to the correct labeled part. In addition, you could have a sheet for important words and add them when the need arises like: chapstick, pillow, blanket, etc.
    Thank you for sharing. Prayers and hugs to you, Dear Cousin.
    Think of you daily. Love, Peg

    1. Rosemary, please be assured Mark understands your frustration any apparent impatience you direct toward him he loves you.

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