Rest in Peace, Maryann


Brian Josefowicz, one of Kelly’s best friends, lost his beautiful mother last week after a short battle with cancer. She was only fifty-nine years old.


Maryann had the most beautiful smile and flashed it every time we saw her. One of the last times we hung out was with she and her husband Mike at The Mitten Bar in Ludington. Their son Brian and his wife Megan own The Mitten Bar so we thought we would stop to say hi and wish them a Happy New Year before heading up north for the night. We toasted to a good life that afternoon, but today we toast to Maryanne a farewell. May you rest in peace.


2 thoughts on “Rest in Peace, Maryann

  1. I am in tears right now. I new Maryann very well. We used to take turns taking care of each other’s kids when they were growing up. She worked at D&W at the time and I just got back into the work force. We spent a lot of time with Mike and Maryann. Mike worked with my husband at Quality Tool and then at Bennett Pump in the late 70’s. Andrew and Brian were such great kids. My son actually did the play King Lear working behind the scenes with Brian at Muskegon Community College. And, yes, Maryann had a wonderful smile and a big, wonderful heart as well.

    Can you give me some addresses so I can express my sympathys? If not I understand, but she was a dear friend for many years even though we lost contact.


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