Having No Voice

Mom and Dad Laughing

Imagine not having a voice and trying to get someone’s attention. Now imagine not having a voice or the use of your arms and legs and trying to get someone’s attention. Losing my voice is harder than I thought it would be. The first time I tried to wake Mark up after I lost my voice was pretty scary. I was sitting in my wheelchair next to him while he was taking a nap in a La-Z-Boy recliner and I was watching TV. My arms were by my side and falling asleep so I tried to wake him but my voice wouldn’t speak. Even though we were sitting next to each other and within touching distance I couldn’t move my arms and legs to touch him and wake him up. I know I didn’t have a life-threatening plea for help but it still was scary. Mark woke up on his own and I survived my first time without a voice and the grim reality that this is how it’s going be for the rest of my life so I better get used to it or die, but it’s really hard.

9 thoughts on “Having No Voice

  1. you are an amazing woman Rosemary your positivity and radiance shines through your blog postings…I wish I could meet you someday and give you a hug and tell you how precious you are to so many of us…You are the apple of Gods eye…

  2. Thank you, Rosemary, for posting *ALL* that you are experiencing. Frightening stuff. Family support. Guardian angels. We are grateful for your friendship! Mark is amazing, and so is your whole family! Love & hugs & prayers, Ted *&* Phyllis

  3. I’m alone alot…
    Me and God …
    Trust Him in those moments
    Day and Night!
    Love you Girlfriend! Mysen ;)

  4. Scary does not adequately describe how terrifying such a situation would be let alone the journey this has been. Let God’s loving arms envelope your fears and anxiety. Let the deep love and admiration of your loving Husband, Family, and Friends comfort you with peace of mind that this earthly pain is temporary. Everlasting peace is permanent. You are sooooo Loved. Bask in our Love Rosemary…. Do not be afraid…. You will never be alone ! Love and warm Hugs sent your way 😘

  5. I can’t imagine Rosemary…The fear, the frustration.. I hate this disease ! You are in my daily prayers…

  6. I can’t begin to imagine what you are going through but I do know this: you teach people every day the true meaning of dignity. Thank you for being a hero!

  7. As I read this today I try to put myself in your situation. But the truth of the matter is I would never ever be able to handle what you’re going through, at least not the dignity and grace that you exhibit to us on a daily basis. By me telling you that you are something special really goes without me saying it. The truth is you’re an ANGEL and God’s gift to all of us who know and have followed you through this awful DISEASE. Honestly I don’t know how you do it. I know that you family support is bar none the BEST ever, and your husband is truly a special MAN because he takes such good care of you, he truly amazes me as do you Rosemary. Thank you again for sharing your thoughts it’s definitely a learning lesson for me. I pray for your daily, you are an inspiration to me and someone who is sort of a MENTOR to me. You’re a beautiful lady and one who I truly admire. Much and love hugs to you my dear and thank you.

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