The Challenges We Face


I haven’t written much lately because the past three weeks have been emotionally rough for me. My ALS doctor prescribed something to help me with my depression and anxiety so hopefully it will help.

Every day we are all challenged to adapt, accept or reject changes in our lives but some of the changes are difficult. Losing my voice has been really hard on me and now my legs are almost useless. ALS has taken over my body leaving me helpless. Over the past twelve months I have lost twenty-three pounds which puts me at 107. My respiratory system has declined significantly as well, which qualifies me for hospice. We decided to hold off on hospice for a while not because we are in denial but just because we can. When the time comes we will welcome hospice and the great ministry they offer into our home and our lives.

I’m feeling great today. The sky is blue and the birds are singing something beautiful outside my window. I hope you find beauty in your life today. And may God bless you, too.

21 thoughts on “The Challenges We Face

  1. Rosemary,
    You are the beauty! Your inner strength and acceptance in this time of enormous adversity is amazing and inspirational. God’s grace is so uniquely present in you- it gives the rest of encouragement.
    Holding you in prayer, my friend.

  2. You are such an inspirational woman! Your ability to find the beauty in all that’s around you is incredible. Sending lots of warm hugs and love from Arizona! Will be there in early June to visit!

  3. Love you, Rosemary and admire your strength! you have given me so much with your posting, yet all I can return to you are my prayers and admiration…love

  4. Rosemary, you have been a great inspiration to many people including myself.  You are entitled to feel helpless, lost, depressed, and whatever anytime you want.  I realize know one knows what you are going thru because its you who is experiencing it.  Your family has been blessed to have a wife, mother, and sister like you along with your friends.  You are truly an amazing person and God is letting you experience all these issues to maybe help others realize what they are dealing with may not be half as bad as your illness.  God has his plan and you’ve been very much a part of it.  You are in my thoughts and prayers every day even though I’ve only visited once.  I read you blogs every day you write and feel very blessed to know you.    God’s blessings to you   Diana Holovka

  5. “Be Still and Know That I Am God”…… Love and peace be with you dear friend. The sun is shining on you and all of us as a reminder of the beauty he has created, especially in you and your family. 😘

  6. This was a beautiful day, Rosemary! Reading your message just now made it more beautiful! You are facing this with the love and grace you have always displayed. Love you both!

  7. Dear Rosemary,
    I’ve been toying with the idea of just writing to let you know what you have meant to me through the years. Now is the time I guess. Through the years I have known you, you have always been a bright smile and a friendly hello. You have been that gentle person who is always positive, even now with the hurdles you have been facing. But, I always admired the sweet, kind, soft-spoken mother you were when the kids were little. It seemed nothing ruffled your feathers. You always answered the kids with quietly spoken, gentle responses. I, on the other hand, would get crazy sometimes with my kids, raising my voice often it seemed.

    I don’t think you had it in you to raise your voice. I appreciated that image you portrayed. You gave me something to try to copy. I admired your kindness, your peacefulness and your dedication to the faith at MCC and St. Michael’s. You were a great example of what a good parent should be to four young children. I’m certain that is why your children all turned out so wonderful. They had you (and Mark) to imitate when they grew up. Such good parents!!

    I appreciated your willingness to hold onto your books and to trade them off with me. That was a big expense of school. This saved me a good bit of money when fall came. You know how expensive it was to send all those kids to the Catholic school. But, I’m sure you’ll agree with me that it was a good decision.

    Finally, although I don’t comment regularly on your blog, it has given me much inspiration as I follow your journey with ALS. Your family will benefit greatly through the years having gone through this with you. They will all be stronger for it. God is looking down on you and is pleased with how you have been such a trooper, dealing with the hand that has been dealt to you. He knows your suffering and that of your family is great. I want you to know that you are always in my prayers and in the prayers of my family. We are asking God to be with you every remaining moment that you have here on earth, and to make it not too difficult for you as you spend your days with your beloved family. Thank you, Rosemary, for your brave witness. I love you. Liz Zagar

  8. You have touch so many lives .! We will always be grateful for your inspiration and grace, God bless you.

  9. Rosemary I’m glad you are having a good day today! I find great inspiration in how you have gracefully handled this set of cards God has dealt you.

  10. Hey Rosemary, sunshine is like the warmth of love! I know you are surrounded with love and you still have a beautiful mind. Impressive asking us to enjoy a beautiful day, so I give you twice as much enjoyment back. I hope you feel everyone’s love and prayers we have for you.

  11. Rosemary, I found something beautiful today when I thought of you, you now being a member of my family and how much I love you!

  12. …”I hope you find beauty in your life today. And may God bless you, too.” … I think I did and I know He did. All in a couple sentences from a very special lady. Thank You.

  13. I’m so happy to hear that you are having a good day, enjoying this beautiful weather. Love the heck out of this day Rosemary and Mark. You’re the best!! God be with you and give you strength and peace.

  14. Oh Rosemary, you are continually in our thoughts and prayers. We know that it must be so difficult to be fully aware of all the things your body can’t do any more, but we pray that every minute of every day you feel the loving arms of Jesus around you continually saying, “Rosemary, I love you. You are mine .” I also pray this for your family too as they must feel so helpless at times too. You are loved by so many and I can only imagine the thousands of prayers that are sent to Jesus on a daily basis on your behalf. We love you Rosemary and Mark

  15. My thoughts are with you and your family Rosemary…every day. Your strength inspires me and restores my faith in God and this human existence. I’m honored to have known you and this blog has been a beautiful legacy that you’ve put in place for your family and friends. Please know how much you matter…to people you’ve never even met…prayers and love

  16. My heart breaks for you and your family. With each new setback, you have handled it with such grace. You are an inspiration to us all!

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