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The Drooling Begins

I knew drooling was part of the ALS journey but it’s one part that I’ve been dreading. My drooling isn’t bad while I’m sitting down but when I lay down my mouth feels like a slow-running faucet. If you visit us or see me out and about and I’m drooling please don’t hesitate to wipe my mouth. I will be grateful.

Dedicated and Strong

Dedicated and Strong

I have written a lot about Mark in the last couple of years and oftentimes without his permission, and this is another one of those times.

In 1982 when Mark and I were in our twenties and Chad was two years old, Mark had been out of the Navy for a couple of years and decided to take advantage of the G.I. Bill and go back to college. At that time Mark was working third shift at Consumers Energy as a welder, so he would work all night, come home around eight in the morning to sleep, get up at two in the afternoon to study, make dinner and then head off to school. Finally in December of 1988, after three more babies—Kelly, Corey and Bryan—Mark graduated from Grand Valley with a 3.88 grade point average. During those six and a half years of study our lives were very busy but Mark was able to stay dedicated and strong and today I’m so grateful that he remains dedicated and strong.

Happy Father’s Day, Mark. I love you.