Heavy Jello


Heavy Jello is how one ALS caregiver described her husband’s weakened body while trying to move him. When Mark sits me down he has to make sure I won’t fall back, forward or side to side while also making sure my feet are in a supporting position, my arms are on my lap and my neck is secure. It’s a lot to remember for what seems like one simple task.

5 thoughts on “Heavy Jello

  1. Heavy Jello….great description! On the off chance it would help you, I’ve been thinking about your post some time ago about needing to get Mark’s attention while he was sleeping and not being able to call for him. Don’t I recall you have some use of your lower limbs? I just picked up a battery-powered doorbell with remote control button for my husband. His ALS started in the lower limbs so he is still able to push the button and set-off the very loud buzzer so I can respond even if I’m not nearby. Maybe you would be able to push the button with your foot? The units are around $15 and available at Wal-Mart. Just a suggestion. And speaking from experience, I’m sure Mark doesn’t mind juggling your Jello.

  2. Rosemary I have thought about all the loving attention Mark has done. Sometimes I think I see the saying “Many have entertained Angels unaware. I believe whole-hearted that both you and Mark are those Angels God has sent. Bless You Both.

  3. Better HeavyJello than “It’s only Mellow Yellow, That’s right Jack!” I am sure that Mark would much rather help you at home, than have you at a care physicility… He’d rather you be Heavy Jello with him than in someone elses care. That’s the purest kind of love. There are many of us out there that might never have that option. His love for you, helping you, is teaching us all a littlel bit more about real life and what it means to be married. To love eachother the way you do. To express it, even if it’s only HeavyJello! A rare and beautiful love story! Love you friend, Suzi Penzien Kary

  4. But what a sweetie! He does these steps for love of you! I’m sure he thinks you’re worth it and so do I! Kudos to your lovely husband, Mark!

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