Our Time With Cole and Peyton


Our grandsons Cole and Peyton had been in Michigan for the past two and a half weeks but flew back to Dallas on Sunday with their Uncle Corey. Corey was home for a long weekend and offered to fly back to Dallas with the boys so he could spend more time with them. When they arrived at Dallas Fort Worth Chad was waiting to pick the boys up and he drove Corey to his next flight at Dallas Love Field so he could board another airplane to take him home to San Francisco. I know this sounds crazy but it worked out great because every flight was on time.

We had a great time with Cole and Peyton and hated to see them go, but before they left I asked them to write about their vacation in Michigan and this is what they wrote.

Hi. We are Cole and Peyton and we are going to tell you about our two weeks here in Muskegon. We got here late on Friday night and the next morning we went on the boat to go see Aunt Kelly and Uncle Chris. We were going to watch them paddle board on the beach. While on the boat Katherine let us use her paddle board for a while then Aunt Kelly came over to the boat and paddle-boarded us back to the beach. Afterwards we went back to the condo and went tubing for a while, then we went paddle boarding in the marina and heard a car fall into the lake. The next day we went to Camp Pendalouan and after a week we came back on Friday and rested. On Saturday we went to Bear Lake with Uncle Bryan and tried to blow up an island that floats in the water but it didn’t work out because the island was so big that we couldn’t fill it with air all the way with the blow up thing we had and it was too windy anyway. On Sunday we went to the beach and the water was super cold but me and Peyton got wet head to toe anyway. On Monday we kinda just relaxed and ran errands with Aunt Kelly. On Tuesday I woke up to Grandma in the Hoyer Lift. We also went to the Ionia Free Fair (admission was free but nothing else was though) but before that we went to…drum roll please…THE CANDY STORE (also known as the Lakeside Emporium). Anyway, when we went to the Emporium we got a TON of candy thanks to Miss Patti who gave us a gift card. At the fair we got these wristbands that allowed us infinite tickets. Also, our Aunt Patti took us to the fair which was a TWO HOUR DRIVE but thank you Aunt Patti. On Wednesday it was Grandma’s birthday and we went on a really long walk (at least it was in my opinion) and went to Wasserman’s Flower Shop to eat pizza and Grandma and Grandpa had guests over and they ate fish tacos. On Thursday Uncle Corey came into town and we did four rounds of bowling, each with our own nickname. The highest I got was ninety-four and we ate pizza on a boat ride and Peyton and I almost jumped into the lake and we saw a bald eagle. On Friday we went to the White Lake Yacht Club to swim in their swimming pool and me and Peyton both jumped off the t-dock and swam in the lake and we stayed up till 1:00am waiting for Uncle Corey to come home from dinner with his friends. On Saturday we had brunch which was amazing and we went to the beach and it was a lot warmer than last time but it was still cold and we walked home. After that we packed and ate dinner and went on a walk to see an awesome sunset. Today stinks because we have to leave and it’s Sunday so now tomorrow is Monday and Mondays stink but we still had a blast.

1 thought on “Our Time With Cole and Peyton

  1. Thank you for sharing your grandsons’ visit, via Peyton and Cole. What a wonderful description from a “child’s view” of life. It made me wish I were a kid again. Thanks, Peyton and Cole!! You are so fortunate to have a wonderful family that “sticks together no matter what the weather!!”

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