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Rosemary Lambert - About Me

I am a lover and a dreamer. I love family, friends, music and flowers. My favorite color is yellow because it is a happy color. My life has been amazing starting in my childhood. Mark is my husband and his love for me and our kids is so great, greater than imaginable. Chad, Kelly, Corey and Bryan are my grown-up kids that I am so proud of. They are all very kind, cute, smart and independent, which makes me happy. Cole and Peyton are my sweet grand children with kind hearts.

7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Rosemarys blog was so inspiring…… I wish I would had the chance to meet her. She is dancing with the angles now in Heaven. God Bless her loving family & friends. ❤️

  2. Thoughts and prayers are with you…
    Seems a life time ago that we cheered for the “Rockets” such find memories. Stay strong!!!

  3. Hi, Rosemary. I just came across your blog. Your straight-up descriptions are refreshing. No time to waste, right? One of my sisters died of ALS in 2006. She didn’t waste time either with things that weren’t top priority. I find it comforting to know you’re out there in the blogosphere with others, sharing exactly what it’s like to go through this valley. I pray you’ll have moments of intense happiness, satisfaction and gratitude as you make your way, one minute at a time.

  4. Rosemary, you are a wonderful example of Love, Spirt, help, Strength and every other word I can think of. You are an inspiration to many people and in the prayers of way more that you can ever imagine! Stay tough! Bill & Carole (Zeimba) Tripp

  5. Hi Rosemary, You don’t know me but through mutual friends I have become aware of your blog. I can’t say how much they inspire and give hope not only to me but I’m sure to many people. I hope that gives you comfort and strength. Two things I particularly love are, your sense of humor and among all the unbelievable and lovely stories, are still human elements to them. To people like me that may have a bit more human or not so flattering times in their lives, it almost makes it ok. Although the rest of your blogs give advice and help with overcoming certain behaviors or dealing with others. You “get” life, that’s apparent. I will keep you in my prayers. Thank you for your spirit and sharing your personal stories and thoughts with the rest of us. With gratitude and appreciation, Carol Miller

  6. Hi Rosemary……What can I say, but you have always been a bright ray of sunshine, everytime I saw you. My prayers are with you and your awesome family…Sincerely, Judie Beecham

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