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Mosquitos are my enemy. While we were in Florida we decided to go to the pool before Harrison went to sleep for the night. The sun had just set and the air was warm, a perfect night for swimming, until I heard a mosquito buzz around my head. Within seconds more mosquitos started swarming and buzzing around my head and my body so I yelled for Mark to help me. I was defenseless without my arms and the ability to move. I felt so helpless.

Reading Is a Gift


I love watching our little Harrison toddle over to someone saying ‘Booka booka booka’ with a book in each hand, his arms reaching out wanting someone to pick him up to read to him. This little guy is a book lover already.

Cole and Peyton have the reading bug, too. Cole was very young when he discovered a love for reading and Peyton discovered it within the last few years. I’m amazed at the level of books Cole and Peyton are already reading and that they can read and concentrate while others are talking in the same room. I love to listen to Uncle Corey and the boys discuss books they all have read and loved. This past summer Cole and Peyton were sitting at the table with cousins Maya and Jacob from Virginia. Their adult-like conversation about mutual books they have read sounded like they were in a book club together for years. Kids are so amazing.


Harrison’s Love


One night Kelly told Harrison to give Grandma a kiss goodnight. She put him on my lap and for about ten minutes he kissed me, hugged me, patted my back, put his head on my chest and talked to me in a sweet, soft voice. Harrison’s expression of love was incredible to watch. How can a one-year-old know this kind of love already, especially given the fact that I have never been able to pick him up, hold him or comfort him. I’ve never been able to read him a book or rock him to sleep. Is this kind of love God-given or learned? I believe it’s both. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could put a baby’s love in a bottle and gift it to someone who’s having a bad day?

Harrison’s Here


Our blue-eyed baby boy Harrison, along with his awesome parents, arrived on Tuesday. Mark and I are capable of doing this on our own but it sure is nice to have extra hands to care for me, feed me and give Mark a break. And besides we love having them around.

Today we took a couple of nice walks and Mark, Luz and I watched Kelly, Patti and Harrison swim in the pool. It sure is nice to be able to go outside without a coat on.

Happy 1st Birthday, Harrison

Harrison Cake

Dear Harrison,

You light up our life, you blue-eyed baby boy. The second you walk through our door and let out your excited screech you make us feel like we are the most important people in your world. You were born at a perfect time in our life because Grandpa and I have a lot of free time to watch your robust and delightful personality come alive. You are so adorable. This past year you’ve entertained us with your nuggles, giggles and sweet sounds. You learned to walk at eleven months and you are trying hard to talk. Every day you amaze us.

Grandpa and Harrison

You and Grandpa have a very strong bond. When I watch you two together it warms my heart because Grandpa is in his glory, especially while you sit quietly on his lap as he reads you a story. For some reason Grandpa can get you to slow down and sit quiet as a mouse. One day Grandpa was pushing me in my wheelchair and he laid you on top of me so you were staring up at the ceiling. You laid so still that grandpa started pushing us from room to room showing you the pictures on our walls and you continued to lie still so Grandpa kept going for about ten minutes and then we heard a sweet snoring sound and you were sleeping. Ever since that day every time we do this you lie unbelievably still for a busy one-year-old. You even do the motor sound just like Grandpa. I think this is my favorite thing to do with you.

We love you so much, Harrison.

Grandpa and Grandma

Harrison Smiling