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Balcom's Cove Accident

Saturday was full of excitement at Balcom’s Cove, the condo complex that we live in. John, one of our neighbors, was parked by the marina and accidentally drove his SUV into Muskegon Lake. Our brother-in-law Luz was sitting on our balcony and heard the car go into the water. Mark and Luz immediately ran out to help while Kelly yelled to her husband Chris who luckily was already out by the lake. Chris immediately began sprinting toward the scene and jumped into the water once he was able to see what had happened. By the time Mark and Luz got down to the water Chris and Bryan were already in the lake trying to help John get out of his car. Chris said when he first reached the car the driver’s side window was open and there wasn’t very much water in the car. John had one leg out the window and was trying to get out so Chris and Bryan both tried to pull him out but it wasn’t working. As the car started to sink deeper into the water Chris went to try and gain entry through the back passenger window to free John from the other side while Bryan reached in and grabbed John’s other leg, braced his feet against the outside of the car and pulled John out of the car to safety just as John’s head became completely submerged in the water. Once the water started rushing in everything happened fast. Once John was out of the car Bryan and John held on to the roof of the car in order to catch their breath before swimming to shore, at which time the neighbors of Balcom’s Cove were able to help John back up to dry land.

Doddie’s 75th Birthday


In October of 2002 Mark’s mom Doddie turned seventy-five years old so Mark’s siblings decided to all meet in Florida where his parents lived to surprise her. Debbie, Wes, Mark and I flew in on the day of the party where we met up with Vicki, Bruce, Patti and Luz at Vicki’s house. Shortly thereafter a limousine arrived and drove all eight of us plus Vicki’s kids, Christopher and Monica, to Doddie’s house for the surprise. Upon arriving the six out-of-towners stayed in the limo while Vicki and her family went into the house to escort Doddie and Louie outside. Up to this point Doddie and Louie don’t know that their Michigan children were in town or that there was a limousine parked out in front of their house. As they walked toward us we could hear the excitement in Doddie’s voice and Luz was patiently waiting with his video camera to capture this memorable occasion on film.

After the surprise everyone except the kids rode around West Palm Beach in style drinking champagne. We stopped at the ocean for a photo shoot and our evening ended back at Vicki’s house for a beautiful candlelit seafood dinner served by Christopher and Monica. This day was definately one we will always remember.

I would like to thank David and Kate Bower at Old to New Media for getting this video online.

The Challenges We Face


I haven’t written much lately because the past three weeks have been emotionally rough for me. My ALS doctor prescribed something to help me with my depression and anxiety so hopefully it will help.

Every day we are all challenged to adapt, accept or reject changes in our lives but some of the changes are difficult. Losing my voice has been really hard on me and now my legs are almost useless. ALS has taken over my body leaving me helpless. Over the past twelve months I have lost twenty-three pounds which puts me at 107. My respiratory system has declined significantly as well, which qualifies me for hospice. We decided to hold off on hospice for a while not because we are in denial but just because we can. When the time comes we will welcome hospice and the great ministry they offer into our home and our lives.

I’m feeling great today. The sky is blue and the birds are singing something beautiful outside my window. I hope you find beauty in your life today. And may God bless you, too.