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  1. Hi,

    I’m Garett Eddins and I am part of a professional, California-based web design firm that is approaching it’s 10th year in the industry. Our goal is to provide fully managed web services that actually make business easier for you.

    Let me ask you a few key questions:

    When you think about your current website, are you happy and satisfied?
    Does your website showcase you as a modern business that can be trusted to achieve all your clients’ needs?
    Does your website actively work towards reaching your business goals?

    For many small- and medium-sized businesses, the answer to all of the above questions is “No”. Why? Because managing and maintaining a website is not why you went into business in the first place. We take pride in establishing ongoing, mutually beneficial business relationships at a fair, fixed price.

    I would love to take this burden off your plate, do you have a few minutes during the next couple of days so that we can chat? I can review and provide some suggestions to you, and determine whether we would be a good fit for your ongoing needs.

    Should this be something that you’re not prepared to discuss at this time, please let me know when would be a more appropriate time – whether it’s in a few weeks or 6 months down the line. Or, if you’re not interested in pursuing this matter , please type REMOVE on the subject line and we will not contact you further.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

    Garett Eddins

    1. Would you kindly stop posting spam comments on our website with no contact information – I consider it to be bad form and somewhat irritating.

  2. I wanted to shoot you a quick email about your site. I am a web design expert and I can make changes to your site that will help it convert more visitors by making some changes and modifications that will allow it to be mobile friendly for tablets and phones as well as creating a sales funnel on the site that will increase conversions.

    I would just need to know if you are open to looking at what I have in mind. Would you be open to seeing more information and a quote for what I would like to accomplish?

    Thank you and have a good one!

    Just let me know and I will be in touch and provide you with my ideas and also answer any questions you may have.

    Corey Goolesbey

    1. Please know that the woman who started this passed away this Fall so that won’t happen but thank you. 

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  3. Mrs. Rosemary,

    Greetings from the great state of Georgia . I think I remember seeing or hearing about your story on the Today Show or a link associated with the show. Your courage and family’s unwavering support was and continues to be inspirational!!!!! In my eyes, the entire Lambert family is the epitome of what a family is supposed to be. When one is down the others rally together to help.

    Even though not always close by, your children rally beside you to lift you up either through their thoughts, on blogs, their presence in their visits and I am most assured of, their prayers. As a child raised by parents with a family-centric attitude, I can only hope that if faced with some sort of familial adversity, I can do as well as your children are doing.

    Mr. Mark ….. WOW what a rock!!!!! Not many of us can fathom the amount of anger, sadness, frustration, exhaustion, but also the amount of joy and enlightenment that, as husband and wife, you must go through. Sometimes by the day or sometimes by the minute. A man true to his vow to his bride…. I respect and commend you Sir.

    I simply started this comment just to let you know that I read your emails faithfully when they come. Some of them make me mad at ALS, some make me laugh, like the picture with your pink glasses and mustache and the one where you said “F ALS”, some make me very sad because you are a mother, and to think about my mom being in this situation, tears me up. Even though I don’t personally know you, I have gotten to know you through your posts where you share your life in such an open and honest way. I want to thank you for that, it sheds light on what your family’s life is about and ultimately what makes you a family.

    Keep your chin up Mrs. Rosemary…. You have so much support being poured over you and your family through this blog. Just wanted to shout out to you and let you know that you have prayers being lifted up from me and my 7 year old son from a small town in middle Georgia ….. You, Mr. Mark and the rest of your family, keep on fighting the good fight!!!!

    Bill and Will Kennedy

  4. You are uplifting to so many. We all have our battles. You, Rosemary, teach us how to deal with them. No matter how big or small. I cannot say I’ve been where you are. But being bed ridden foe three years remings me of some of the things you go through every day. I cannot thank you enough of how personal you’ve been and how small you make me feel. I have to remember all you’re going through and live simple and love like crazy! Suzi 💖

  5. Rosemary, I do not know you personally but feel as though I’ve known you forever through your blog. Deb Scholten is a friend of mine and through her I have found you, an inspiration to so many. May the good Lord bless you and ease your pain. You are truly a blessing to all. God Bless You!
    Marg La Huis

  6. Just to let you know that prayers are being sent to you and Mark every day. You are one special person so blessed with so many family and friends and I am lucky to be one of them
    to have had you in my life growing up Love you both…… Denise Laban Collins

  7. Rosemary. we were just imformed about your illness. We will be praying for you and your family. I myself was recently was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. We just want you to know that you have always been a very special person to us.

    Sincerely, Don & Sandy Plouff

  8. Rosemary, dear Rosemary, Please know that you are such a beautiful angel of God. He knew you would be such a beacon in the darkness through all of this. He , as so many of us, have been encouraged through your beautiful spirit.
    It never fails to amaze me how God uses all of us in life to share His love. He has definitely used you to share His love. I am so happy to say that I know you. In being involved with my Make A Wish families and I see what they go through, it has made me so very grateful for every healthy day I have …..and my family./ Every one of these families, like yours, were like every other “healthy” family until the day they got the diagnosis that changed their lives. BUT I have seen such a strength and also appreciation for all the little things in life… that are actually the BIG things.. like people around you to love you , that really really matter the most.
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful stories that keep us grounded in love, Rosemary.. Keep shining your beacon , my friend.

    Love you so much for all you are and all God has made you to be. Keep sharing. I know you will never lose that. You are my hero, my friend.

    Bonnie Nolan

  9. Rosemary, I have to tell you how I love your blog. So many people have encouraged you to continue to do so due to the joy it brings to so many. I am praying for you as always. Remember the pledge we made years ago to pray together for our children “for when two or more are gathered in his name” we decided as friends to do so.
    We have been through so much and you have been so attentive to friendship and love for everyone. Your work with our daughter has been priceless. It was done because of her being in our family and our relationship.
    I love to see you riding in the convertible ~~ it gives me encouragement to enjoy life. Love You and Yours Always, Jeannie

  10. Rosemary, we are truly blessed by just having you as a friend. You don’t need to do anything else. You come from a big, GREAT family but you are really one in a million.

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