A Viewing Window In Heaven

Sara and Parents

Sara and Ron Ferguson stopped by with their three adorable sons during Thanksgiving weekend for a visit. Last February Sara’s brother Sammy was killed in a car accident and it devastated her whole family and all of Sammy’s friends. Sara was very close to Sammy and this rocked her world. Since Sammy’s tragedy Sara and her family have been trying to make sense of why this beautiful and fun-loving person was taken away at such a young age.

During their visit I asked Sara how she was feeling emotionally about her brother now that Sam has been gone for almost a year. Sara said she is doing okay but thinks about him all of the time. She said, “If Heaven had a viewing window and I could see Sam I would feel so much better.”

Sara and Sam

Ever since Sara mentioned a viewing window into Heaven I have been thinking about it, too. If I get to Heaven I think I will put in a request for one because I think it is a great idea.

2 thoughts on “A Viewing Window In Heaven

  1. Please do Rosemary! We will all be the better for your watchful eye on us from heaven. Just as we have benefitted from your acquaintance here on earth. Those whom we love are never forgotten as they become a part of the fabric of the person we become.

  2. Rosemary.. I think you should change your statement “If I get to Heaven..” to When. I have no doubt you will be there to guide your family as they progress on the journey. Denise Holstege

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